Frequently Asked Questions

Is PureChem antimicrobial solution safe?

Yes, PureChem™ is water-based, non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-leaching and child safe. It is a “no rinse” solution.

What does the PureChem solution actually do?

The solution effectively controls and/or removes 99%+ of bacteria (like typical e. Coli, staphylococcus, salmonella and listeria), virus, mold, fungus and yeast on the treated surface or substrate.  PureChem™ is effective on both hard and soft surfaces.

Does PureChem™ work against odors?

Yes.  Since PureChem™ does not allow bacteria, mold or algae growth, it naturally stops odors before they start to smell.  If applied to existing odor, PureChem™ will remove the molecular source of the odor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often are the carts run through the unit?

We recommend that all carts be run through one or two times per week to meet your customers’ expectations of germ and bacteria free carts.

How many carts should be put through the unit at a time?

Carts may be run through one at a time, or “nested” in quantities set by store standards. The carts simply need to become moist to be protected.

Does this system clean the carts?

The system is designed to purify the carts by removing bacteria, virus and germs and then inhibiting new growth for a period of time. The spray system is a low pressure, “misting” application.  It will not remove stains or sticky residue on carts; however, some cleaning will occur naturally because of the concentration of water in the process. The carts will look and feel cleaner.

What store resources are required to operate PureCart®?

A standard 110 VAC, 15 Amp outlet and a basic water hook up (faucet or hose bib) is all that is required. We do recommend it be connected to a drain or dry well depending on the number of carts run through the system. The carts are manually pushed through the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What store resources are required to operate MobileMist?

The system is battery operated but will require recharging in a standard 110 VAC, 15 Amp outlet.

How do you fill the MobileMist unit?

The unit can be filled by using PureChem™ “ready to use” formula and simply pouring solution into holding tank.

How long does the battery last?

Conditions may vary by usage, but a fully charged battery will provide a full day’s worth of intermittent use.  If used “non-stop” the battery will last for a couple hours.

Can I use other batteries with MobileMist? 

Only approved batteries are suggested for use in MobileMist.  Extra batteries and chargers are available from Purecart Enterprises.

Can the battery be damaged or “ruined” by over-charging or over-discharging?

Yes.  This is why only approved batteries and chargers are recommended.  Our factory charger is designed for use specifically with our style of battery and insures over-charging is never an issue.  To prevent over-discharging charge battery regularly after each use.

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