About Purecart Enterprises LLC

PureCart Enterprises LLC, is a Green Bay, Wisconsin based company dedicated to improving people’s health by providing safe and affordable products and services that help reduce exposure to harmful bacteria, viruses and molds.

Our mission is to help create a better living environment for our families, especially children, the elderly and those with lowered immune systems. We help do this by providing a long lasting, water based, antimicrobial solution, PureChem™ that not only removes harmful microbes, but keeps protecting a treated surface for several days.  PureChem is quickly and easily applied to hard and soft surfaces by one of our custom application methods, MobileMistand PureCart®.

News & Noteworthy

Previously the PureCart system has received world-wide recognition and has been featured on NBC’s Today ShowABC World News, and in The Wall Street Journal and The USA Today.

PureCart® is an honored recipient of an iParenting Media Award for 2007 Outstanding Products. 
PureCart® is also the winner of Wisconsin’s 2006 Governor’s New Product Award.

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